Top Five Live Event Marketing Ideas for E-commerce Owners

Top Five Live Event Marketing Ideas for Ecommerce Owners

Why Live Event Marketing Matters to E-commerce Owners

Once you decide on the niche product or service you want to offer, here are a few event ideas to get you on your way. First, how do I reach my audience without running out of money? Does social media marketing work as a new product brand? Should I attend every live event in my city or region? Top five live event marketing ideas for e-commerce owners, is from my perspective as a lifestyle brand owner. I will focus on Internet of Things (IOT) products if you want one on one services; let me know via email (Jean at

Niche Tradeshows

Some of the top tradeshows can take your brand from zero to hero overnight. However, you must be very keen on your overall objective. At this juncture, I will not go into a marketing strategy but it is important that you create one to give you a blueprint. Below are a few tradeshows to get you started on your product journey.

Professional Organization Meetups

My foray into technology hasn’t been that long and I realize for some, they would probably keep it simple like using social media sites like Facebook. However, professionals such as; lawyers, doctors, accountants and more want to access the latest and greatest products. Sometimes these products can be for their organization’s benefit or the members who can use them within their practice.

However, professionals such as; lawyers, doctors, accountants and more want to access the latest and greatest products.

Local Sporting Events

As a former college athlete, I am plotting until the moment I can sponsor a tailgate or part of a college football game. Sports in America can be a great place to invite potential users to your product to experience the benefits of the product. One thing to keep in mind is the targeting; for instance, I wouldn’t invite women to a football game to try on your makeup line. Your website can benefit from broadcasting your product across platforms.

Tech Startup Meetups

Whether you think startups are a Ponzi scheme or the real deal; either way, these types of people are early adopters in terms of products and services available in the market. Above all, you must look into the specifics of the startup group. There are large corporations such as NBC that have Hackathons where you will get the opportunity to flex your products use to a large number of users. Here are a few meetups that I have attended in Miami and Atlanta.

Collaborative Experiential Event

Have you been to a cool event and have seen a brand sponsoring every aspect of the event? I have been to a number of events where the sponsor had the ability to be creative. An experience can turn your brand from an isolated item that can be purchased into a sought-after niche item for your target market. To find a partner for this event, find brands who are not direct competitors but would be used by a group of users.

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